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Ok, it’s that time of year where it’s so humid and hot that you melt off your moisturiser before you walk out the door and your makeup feels heavy and runny. Whats a gal (or metro-sexual) to do? A few simple steps will keep you fresh and shine free and keep all your beauty secrets […]

What is Eyebrow Intervention Day? On June 17th, 2010 Eyebrow Shapings at the RAMY Brow Bars in select Duane Reade LOOK Boutiques will be completely FREE! What’s the regular fee? The Brow Experts are all personally selected and trained by Ramy and they all charge $30. for an eyebrow shaping. What’s Ramy’s regular fee? Ramy charges […]

Several times per month clients will ask me how I feel about permanently tattooing their eyebrows or makeup. As a rule, I’m very opposed because it’s so permenent. With eyebrows, for example, the brows may continue to thin over time and the tattoo will become more obvious. also, your face changes with age and you may […]

        One of the great stresses and (strangely) pleasures of my life is trying to get to the gym several times per week. Half the time I’m working out I have a knot in my stomach because I’m so pressed to rush home to shower, pull myself together and get to work on time. The […]

I happened to watch the premiere episode of the new season of True Beauty this weekend.  I love the premise of this show: a house full of attractive men and women vying to win a title (in this season, to be the “Face of Las Vegas”) while unknowingly being judged on their inner beauty with […]

  • Cyd: Ramy, we need you in South Florida (preferably North Miami Beach/Aventura)!! When are you coming to [...]
  • Emma: I totally agree! I have people ask me about permanent cosmetics all of the time, and I quickly poin [...]
  • Diane K.: I'd like to respond to Jason's comment. If I went into a salon, received a consultation from the exp [...]
  • Ramy Cosmetics Juicy Cheeks, Melon Rouge, .14-Ounce Unit: [...] Deep, Dark, Sizzling, Juicy Tans - Ramy Beauty Therapy Submitted on:Tuesday 25th of May 2010 0 [...]
  • Emma: Bravo, Ramy....well said! By the way, you do look fantastic! [...]