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27 Aug 2010

I am asked every day, a hundred times per day, what is the best ( fastest) way to get full, enviable eyebrows? Here, once and for all, is my formal response with all the tricks of the trade you really need to know:

1. If your brows are too thin, badly shaped or in any state of disrepair – TOUCH NOTHING for minimum of three weeks. It can take more than three MONTHS for brows to fully grow back to their completely natural state and you must commit to biting the bullet and removing not one hair until they grow back. I call this “Going back to square one”. Every time you remove a stray hair, you are perpetuating the incorrect shape and lack of fullness in your brow.

2. Take a good multi-vitamin daily. Good nutrition is key to ensuring that hair will grow in as quickly and fully as possible.

3. Try a topical solution as well. My product, Eye GROW Brows creates an ideal enviornment for hair growth and also coats existing hair , giving it a thicker, fuller appearance. It’s great for lashes too.

4. Makeup: As brows are growing in there are two things you can do to cover strays and improve your eyebrow’s overall appearance. One, apply concealer (RAMY Skin Stick)¬†from lashline to brow bone. This will cover strays and act as a primer for other eye makeup. Two, fill in brows with a neutral brow filler. My Perfect Brow Wand is universally flattering and has a highlighter on the other end. Draw highlighter along underside of brows to reflect light and diminish appearance of strays.

5. Once brows have grown in and there is plenty to work with, avoid waxing (Waxing is for cars!) as there is not enough precision and dread the thread (painful and archaic). If you don’t trust yourself to shape your brows anew, seek out a pro who tweezes and trims and who comes highly reccomended. Once you have the blueprint, you can maintain your fab new brows yourself with diligence.

6. The only thing worse that having messy caveman-like eyebrows? Having poorly shaped, unflattering, overly thin brows that diminish your appearance.

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