The Best Solution for Grey Eyebrow Hairs

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9 Dec 2010

This question comes up on a daily basis. What to do when your brow hairs start turning grey? First of all, I call them highlights! But seriously, unless all of your hair is silver or grey, no one enjoys seeing a suddenly white hair poking out from their brows. Since the hair has lost it’s pigment, it’s also coarser and thicker looking than the rest of your eyebrows – almost taunting you as it waves hello from the mirror.

The most common mistake is to pluck out this impish reminder of your mortality. If it’s truly just the one hair, go ahead and pluck it out. The problem is when more grey hairs start popping up in your eyebrows. If you keep plucking them out you will create bare patches in your eyebrows. So what to do? A better solution is to trim the hair down as short as possible so it’s less visible. If you have your hair colored at a salon, ask your colorist to color your brows as well. Let the colorist know that you are not looking to darken or lighten your brows, but simply want to color the grey. The colorist will know what to do and it takes 30 seconds. Often the eyebrows are colored as a courtesy if you’re having your hair colored and there is no extra charge.

Another great solution is makeup to cover the grey. This is realistically the best solution because even if you dye your brows, as they grow, the grey hairs will pop up before your next visit to the salon and makeup will always do the trick – whether you dye your brows or not. A good brow filler will also fill your brows inbetween the hairs, giving your eyebrows a more plush and full appearance as it covers the greys.  A pomade, like my Miracle Brow Compact (see Before and After pic below) will cover the grey hairs best of all, but a pencil or pen will also do the trick. Our Perfect Brow Wand is a universally flattering taupe and has a built in highlighter. Whatever you use to fill your brows, Always brush it through in order to blend! So that your brows look natural and not made up. A powder product will work too, but not offer as much coverage and long wear as a wax based product.

Key Things To Remember:

1. When in doubt, don’t pluck it out! Trim the grey hair instead.

2. If you have your hair done at a salon, ask your colorist about coloring your brows.

3. Brow fillers like Miracle Brow or the Perfect Brow Wand offer no-commitment grey coverage and a fuller looking eyebrow.

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