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  At this year’s Academy Awards nearly every actress who was nominated or presenting gave great face!  To the average viewer there was not much variety in terms of makeup. No crazy shades of eyeshadow or lipstick, no crystals glued to anyone’s eye lids (I miss you, Cher, call me!). The majority of these A-listers […]

A few years ago New York Magazine published its Weddings issue that offered “The New York Bride’s Guide to Everything” it was an amazing issue that covered the schedule for anything and everything a prospective bride needed to know and do in the year leading up to her wedding. Among the lists for venues, flowers, […]

Four years ago, after launching my Makeup & Brow Bars at the LOOK Boutique at Duane Reade, I came up with the idea of hosting “Eyebrow Intervention Day” where the eyebrow shapings would be free for the day at all the RAMY Brow Bars. The idea was to announce that there are now prestige beauty […]

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27 Mar 2013

Over the years as a makeup artist based in New York city, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working on some very famous faces. While the professional side of me keeps me calm and collected during these encounters, the fan inside my head is always thrilled and excited to meet a celebrity or reknowned […]

   Everyone looked great on Oscar night. The gowns, both gorgeous and not-so-gorgeous, were beautiful. The hair, both spectacular (Reese Witherspoon) and mediocre (Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner) got the job done. The makeup, however, was beautiful across the board.  Did everyone play it safe? Yes. Did everyone look their absolute best? Yes. Every actress had neutral, […]

TV junkie that I am, I recently got sucked into watching the new show, “Catfish” on MTV.  When I first heard of the show I assumed, of course, that it’s a reality show about fishermen who catch catfish, maybe even starring Sarah Palin, but no! Catfishing is when someone fools another person or people online […]

I recently posted on Facebook that I estimate that I’ve shaped over 156,000 eyebrows in the past 15 years. I was rounding down. As you can imagine, when one spends their days shaping, correcting, guiding other people’s eyebrows, you learn a few things about what a great eyebrow – or a badly shaped brow – says […]

Would you believe the two models pictured are wearing the same shades of makeup? Well, they are! Obviously, their concealer and foundation match their skintone, but the Pure Radiance pressed powder, Alive Blush, Perfect Eyeliner, eyeshadows and Chutzpah Lipstick are the exact same on both models. Many of you know my philosophy of beauty is Minimum […]

Beauty and symmetry are universal truths. Regardless of ethnicity and varying cultures, we all know beauty when we see it. We all know a jacked up eyebrow when we see it too. This past summer I was in Zurich, Switzerland and could not help but notice what was happing there with the local’s eyebrows. Many […]

Help! I’m trapped on an island where we recently had an earthquake and a hurricane! This island is known as Manhattan, the epi-center of New York City, where, for the first time in the history of New York, the subways and public transportation were shut down, homes were evacuated and the general expectation was that […]

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