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Would you believe the two models pictured are wearing the same shades of makeup? Well, they are! Obviously, their concealer and foundation match their skintone, but the Pure Radiance pressed powder, Alive Blush, Perfect Eyeliner, eyeshadows and Chutzpah Lipstick are the exact same on both models. Many of you know my philosophy of beauty is Minimum […]

Beauty and symmetry are universal truths. Regardless of ethnicity and varying cultures, we all know beauty when we see it. We all know a jacked up eyebrow when we see it too. This past summer I was in Zurich, Switzerland and could not help but notice what was happing there with the local’s eyebrows. Many […]

Help! I’m trapped on an island where we recently had an earthquake and a hurricane! This island is known as Manhattan, the epi-center of New York City, where, for the first time in the history of New York, the subways and public transportation were shut down, homes were evacuated and the general expectation was that […]

I was recently asked to submit my vision of how Kim Kardashian’s makeup should look on her wedding day if I were to have the opportunity to be her makeup artist. Here was my reply:   Kim Kardashian’s makeup for her wedding should be classic “Kim”: Flawless tan, glowing skin, smoky eyes with the focus […]

This question comes up on a daily basis. What to do when your brow hairs start turning grey? First of all, I call them highlights! But seriously, unless all of your hair is silver or grey, no one enjoys seeing a suddenly white hair poking out from their brows. Since the hair has lost it’s […]

  Picture it: Manhattan, 1997. I was Makeup Director at a fab 5th Avenue Salon. I’d go grab lunch with the beautiful, willowy, model-esque girl who worked at the front desk of the salon. She, 5’11 and 120 pounds. Me, two inches shorter and 30 pounds heavier. Off we’d go to the local deli for […]

This year it seemed like new life was breathing through Fashion Week in New York City. As a young makeup artist I was thrilled to do shows and run all over the city for the extra gigs brought on by fashion week. Now that I’m more established, I must admit I tend to look as […]

I’ve always loved the Fall Season best. It’s not too hot or too cold in New york. You can break out cool sweaters and jackets, the September issues of all our favorite magazines come out with their biggest issues of the year and everyone re-vamps their wardrobe and makeup to go back to school or […]

My rule of thumb for beauty is the same for everyone, regardless of age, weight or ethnicity. There are features you want to play up and features you want to play down. It’s the same equation whether you’re a size zero or a size twenty-four. That said, part of being the best version of yourself […]

In all the photos of Lindsay Lohan in court as she was sentanced to 90 days in jail, followed by time in rehab, she had her hands up against her cheeks, supposedly to express her shock and dismay at the Judge’s ruling. As we now know, upon closer inspection, her multi-colored nail polish had a […]

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