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Having just sold my apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village  and moving temporarily out of the city, I find myself commuting for the first time since I moved into Manhattan mere days after graduating college.  My new place is still in disarray as I havent had one day off since the move to set up […]

I’m often asked how did I start to do eyebrows – or rather, how did I discover I have a talent for doing eyebrows. I’ve shared the story with a handful of clients but thought I should write it down for posterity since people seem to really like it. I was hired to be the […]

My rule of thumb for beauty is the same for everyone, regardless of age, weight or ethnicity. There are features you want to play up and features you want to play down. It’s the same equation whether you’re a size zero or a size twenty-four. That said, part of being the best version of yourself […]

In all the photos of Lindsay Lohan in court as she was sentanced to 90 days in jail, followed by time in rehab, she had her hands up against her cheeks, supposedly to express her shock and dismay at the Judge’s ruling. As we now know, upon closer inspection, her multi-colored nail polish had a […]

Several times per month clients will ask me how I feel about permanently tattooing their eyebrows or makeup. As a rule, I’m very opposed because it’s so permenent. With eyebrows, for example, the brows may continue to thin over time and the tattoo will become more obvious. also, your face changes with age and you may […]

As anyone who has ever had a fantastic eyebrow shaping will attest, a great eyebrow shaping can change your entire look and how others percieve you. I have so many stories from clients telling me how it’s helped change their lives that I wouldn’t know where to begin in sharing them.  There was the pregnant […]

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  • Emma: I totally agree! I have people ask me about permanent cosmetics all of the time, and I quickly poin [...]
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  • Emma: Bravo, Ramy....well said! By the way, you do look fantastic! [...]