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I’ve always loved the Fall Season best. It’s not too hot or too cold in New york. You can break out cool sweaters and jackets, the September issues of all our favorite magazines come out with their biggest issues of the year and everyone re-vamps their wardrobe and makeup to go back to school or […]

Ok, it’s that time of year where it’s so humid and hot that you melt off your moisturiser before you walk out the door and your makeup feels heavy and runny. Whats a gal (or metro-sexual) to do? A few simple steps will keep you fresh and shine free and keep all your beauty secrets […]

  • Cyd: Ramy, we need you in South Florida (preferably North Miami Beach/Aventura)!! When are you coming to [...]
  • Emma: I totally agree! I have people ask me about permanent cosmetics all of the time, and I quickly poin [...]
  • Diane K.: I'd like to respond to Jason's comment. If I went into a salon, received a consultation from the exp [...]
  • Ramy Cosmetics Juicy Cheeks, Melon Rouge, .14-Ounce Unit: [...] Deep, Dark, Sizzling, Juicy Tans - Ramy Beauty Therapy Submitted on:Tuesday 25th of May 2010 0 [...]
  • Emma: Bravo, Ramy....well said! By the way, you do look fantastic! [...]