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1. It’s FREE! Yes, really! You’ll also get a punch card so that you will eventually get another free brow shaping. 2. Waxing is for cars and Dread the Thread! We only tweeze and trim at the RAMY Brow Bars, so no disasters and no damage to your delicate skin. 3. All the Brow Experts […]

I’m often asked how did I start to do eyebrows – or rather, how did I discover I have a talent for doing eyebrows. I’ve shared the story with a handful of clients but thought I should write it down for posterity since people seem to really like it. I was hired to be the […]

I was recently asked to submit my vision of how Kim Kardashian’s makeup should look on her wedding day if I were to have the opportunity to be her makeup artist. Here was my reply:   Kim Kardashian’s makeup for her wedding should be classic “Kim”: Flawless tan, glowing skin, smoky eyes with the focus […]

This question comes up on a daily basis. What to do when your brow hairs start turning grey? First of all, I call them highlights! But seriously, unless all of your hair is silver or grey, no one enjoys seeing a suddenly white hair poking out from their brows. Since the hair has lost it’s […]

How Now Full Brow?

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27 Aug 2010

I am asked every day, a hundred times per day, what is the best ( fastest) way to get full, enviable eyebrows? Here, once and for all, is my formal response with all the tricks of the trade you really need to know: 1. If your brows are too thin, badly shaped or in any […]

1.  You look at old photos wistfully to remember how your eyebrows looked in better days. 2.  More than one person in your life has randomly brought up the subject that a good brow shaping can make a huge differance in your appearance (hint hint). 3. Your Mother tells you your eyebrows need help (Your Mom […]

My rule of thumb for beauty is the same for everyone, regardless of age, weight or ethnicity. There are features you want to play up and features you want to play down. It’s the same equation whether you’re a size zero or a size twenty-four. That said, part of being the best version of yourself […]

When I first became a makeup artist, my first job in New York was at the original Barney’s store on 17th Street in Manhattan. On the advice of my mentor, I found a job in retail to help hone my craft while developing my editorial career. My mentor advised, “Better to make a mistake doing […]

Ok, it’s that time of year where it’s so humid and hot that you melt off your moisturiser before you walk out the door and your makeup feels heavy and runny. Whats a gal (or metro-sexual) to do? A few simple steps will keep you fresh and shine free and keep all your beauty secrets […]

What is Eyebrow Intervention Day? On June 17th, 2010 Eyebrow Shapings at the RAMY Brow Bars in select Duane Reade LOOK Boutiques will be completely FREE! What’s the regular fee? The Brow Experts are all personally selected and trained by Ramy and they all charge $30. for an eyebrow shaping. What’s Ramy’s regular fee? Ramy charges […]

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  • Emma: Bravo, Ramy....well said! By the way, you do look fantastic! [...]